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Florida State Income Taxes

The state of Florida collects no income tax.

This page:

  • Lists basic Florida state tax information

  • Links to Florida Department of Revenue site

  • Shows you how you can save time and money by e-filing

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Florida state taxes at a glance:

Tax Rate: -
Income Brackets: None
Number of Brackets: None
Personal Exemptions: None
Standard Deduction: None
Medical/Dental Deduction: None
Federal Income Tax Deduction: None

Filing your Florida state tax return

Since Florida does not collect state income tax, you do not have to file a state tax return.

However, if you have acquired income from an estate, then you may be required to file. Florida's estate tax laws vary. Consult the Florida State Department of Taxation for further information.

Florida state tax forms

The main Florida tax form is:

Form F-706 | Estate Tax Return|

If you need South Dokata tax forms that are not listed here, you can download them from the Forida tax forms site.

Or, just simply e-file!

Additional FL state taxes help

If you need help with your federal tax return, start with our basic guide to tax filing.

For additional help with filing FL income tax returns, see the official site of the Florida state's Department of Taxation

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