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Guide to E-filing Taxes
Reviews and comparisons of the various TurboTax filing programs. Start here if you are unsure about which is right for you.

> Top 10 reasons to e-file taxes
> Free 1040EZ e-file
> Deluxe 1040A e-file
> Premier 1040 e-file
> Rental property and home business e-filing
> Small business e-filing
> Download Tax Software

Tax Filing Basics
Explains the fundamental rules of filing a tax return.

> Your W2 Form, and all the info that it contains
> Codes from box 12 of your W2 form
> Choosing the best tax filing status
> Income tax withholding and estimating taxes
> 2017 individual tax exemptions
> Federal income tax exemptions for dependents
> The pros and cons of the standard deduction
> 2017 marginal income tax rates
> The 10 most common tax return errors

Taxable Income
Explains what types of income are taxable, and how each is reported.

> W2 wages
> Self-employment and 1099 MISC income
> Taxable Interest Income
> Investment dividends Income
> Taxable Interest on Bonds
> Where to report interest income
> Alimony and Child Support
> "Kiddie Tax" - Reporting a Child's Interest
> Unemployment Benefits
> Social Security Benefits
> Retirement Plan Distributions
> "Other" Taxable Income
> Tax-Exempt Income

Tax Credits
Information about each of the major tax credits.

> Earned income credit
> Child tax credit
> Child care tax credit
> Adoption tax credit
> Tax credit for the elderly or disabled
> Educational tax credits
> Claiming education tax credits

Tax Deductions
Information about each of the major tax deductions and how to claim them when you e-file.

> Mortgage interest tax deduction
> Deducting home loan interest points
> Your mortgage deduction and refinancing
> Student loan interest deduction
> Tuition and fees deduction
> Medical expenses tax deduction
> Charity & gifts tax deduction
> Investment interest deduction
> Casualty & theft deduction
> Taxes paid deduction
> Miscellaneous tax deductions
> Itemizing tax deductions
> Alternative minimum tax

IRS Tax Forms
Find out which IRS tax forms to file, download any and all forms you might need, and learn more about electronic filing.
> Form 1040
> Form 1040A
> Form 1040EZ
> Additional federal tax forms
> Helpful IRS Publications

Capital Gains Tax Laws
A look at the capital gains-reporting process, including filing of Schedule D.

> Capital gains tax rates
> Tax basis
> Schedule D
> Real estate and depreciated business property sales

Tax Audit Advice
Basic advice on how to avoid audits, how to interpret IRS notices, and how o respond to an audit.
> IRS audit notices
> What to do if you get audited by the IRS

State income taxes
Educational tax benefits for parents and students
How to request a tax extension from the IRS
Watch the Turbo Tax Super Bowl commercial

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