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The Tax Filing Basics Everyone Should Know

If you are not very comfortable with doing your own taxes, or if you simply need a quick refresher of everything you learned in previous years, this easy guide will get you started.

Note: if you have more complicated questions about tax filing, scroll down to see an expanded list of all our in-depth topic guides.

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If you want to avoid costly mistakes, while at the same time taking advantage of all credits and deductions, you'll want to do your taxes with TurboTax this year.

TurboTax helps you work quickly and easily, and it double-checks your return to help you get the largest possible refund. You can even file your state taxes and get your state refund (which may be substantial) much faster than if you mail a paper return.

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There's much more tax filing help if you need it

If you decide to file a paper return, be prepared for either at least a little work, or a lot, depending on your particular situation.

If you ever need additional help, our guides are here to help you answer any tax filing questions that you might have:

  • Taxable Income Types - Explains what types of income are taxable, and how each is reported.

  • Tax Credits - Information about each of the major tax credits

  • Tax Deductions - Information about each of the major tax deductions and how to claim them when you e-file.

  • Capital Gains Tax Laws - Helps you makes sense of this often-mentioned but seldom-understood subject.

  • IRS Tax Forms - Find out which IRS tax forms to file, download any and all forms and publications you might need, and learn more about electronic filing.

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