An Easy-to-Use Guide to Taxes

Figuring out your taxes each April (and year-round) can be treacherous: so many rules to know, forms to fill out, and they all change every year!

We'll help you through the process by providing simple, plain-English explanations of the most common tax forms, laws, and regulations.

Our Guides to Major Tax Topics:

Begin with the guide to tax filing basics, if you are still a little unsure about the fundamentals of taxes and tax filing, such as your filing status, which forms to use, etc.

If you already know what your questions are about, take a look at the more detailed guides, each dealing with a particular tax subject:

  • Taxable Income Types - Explains what types of income are taxable, and how each is reported.

  • Tax Credits - Information about each of the major tax credits

  • Tax Deductions - Information about each of the major tax deductions and how to claim them when you e-file.

  • Capital Gains Tax Laws - Helps you makes sense of this often-mentioned but seldom-understood subject.

  • IRS Tax Forms - Find out which IRS tax forms to file, download any and all forms and publications you might need, and learn more about electronic filing.

  • Federal Education Tax Benefits - A guide for students and parents on possible education-related tax savings.

  • IRS Audit Advice - What you need to know, and what you should do, if you're unlucky enough to get audited. It happens.

  • E-file Taxes - reviews of online e-file programs by TurboTax.

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