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Figuring out your taxes each April (and year-round) can be treacherous: so many rules to know, forms to fill out, and they all change every year! We'll help you through the process by providing simple, plain-English explanations of the most common tax forms, laws, and regulations.

Tax Filing Basics

Begin with the guide to tax filing basics, if you are still a little unsure about the fundamentals of taxes and tax filing.

Topics include:

  • Help with your W2 Form.
  • Your Tax Filing Status.
  • Individual Tax Exemptions.
  • Top 10 Tax Mistakes.
And much more.

Taxable Income

The guide to taxable income types explains in great detail what types of income are taxable, and how each is reported.

Topics include:

  • Your W2 wages.
  • Self-Employment Income.
  • Taxable Interest Income.
  • Unemployment Benefits.
And much more.

Tax Credits

Information about each of the major tax credits which could mean big savings on your tax bill and even guarantee a refund.

Topics include:

  • Earned Income Credit.
  • Child Tax Credit.
  • Child Care Tax Credit.
  • Educational Tax Credits.
And much more.

Tax Deductions

A detailed guide to each of the major tax deductions, itemizing deductions, and how to claim them when you e-file.

Topics include:

  • Mortgage interest deduction.
  • Student loan interest.
  • The standard deduction.
  • Itemizing tax deductions.
And much more.

More Guides to Your Taxes

  • IRS Tax Forms - Find out which IRS tax forms to file, download any and all forms and publications you might need, and learn more about electronic filing.
  • Federal Education Tax Benefits - A guide for students and parents on possible education-related tax savings.
  • IRS Audit Advice - What you need to know, and what you should do, if you're unlucky enough to get audited. It happens.
  • Capital Gains Tax Laws - Helps you makes sense of this often-mentioned but seldom-understood subject.
  • State Income Taxes - Learn about the latest changes in your state's tax code, and get all the forms and info you need to file your state return.

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